Message from Avalon Lions Club President
Eileen Donovan:
Welcome to the Avalon Lions Club Home Page. In this difficult time of hardship, we must remember those who are less fortunate and far more needy than ourselves. That is why our motto is "We Serve." On this web-site we present basic information regarding the Avalon Lions Club; who we are, what we do, how we are organized and what we strive to achieve. For day to day and changing information, please see our Facebook page at or click on the facebook icon above.
Who We Are:
  • 130+ civic-minded men and women of Avalon and local
    communities bound together under Lions Clubs International
    "To Serve", and meet community needs.

  • EMT's, Firefighters, Business Owners, Realtors, Doctors,
    Municipal Officials and Retirees. We reflect our community.

    What We Do:

  • Conduct Fundraisers for the Blind and Needy; examples:
    • Helen Diller Vacation Home (HDVH) for Blind Children
    • Food Pantries and Food Banks
    • Volunteers in Medicine
    • Toys for Tots
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Family Promise
    • C.A.R.A.
    • C.A.S.A.
    • Eye Banks

  • Provide Volunteers for Community Service Events; such as:
    • Charity Races
    • Glasses Recycling
    • Spring and Fall clean up of HDVH
    • Bay Atlantic Symphony Support
    • Enjoy Fellow Lions camaraderie at Service and Fundraising events, and monthly dinners
    • All administrative costs, including dinners, are paid for by individual members
I welcome you to email us, or feel free to call me at (616) 656-6161 should you have any questions about the Avalon Lions Club...

Our Motto is "We Serve"
Eileen Donovan
Eileen Donovan, President, Avalon Lions Club